Dzoleva Ivana

Flower of Life - Ivana Dzoleva

Dzoleva Ivana

Ivana Dzoleva is a highly professional certified cosmetic therapist. The phrase ‘BEST IN HER JOB’ only begins to describe her. She is great at working under pressure, and is always concentrated and a 100% focused on each individual client. With her incredibly skillful working and communicative attitude she always leaves a positive impression on our clients. She is highly skilled and very knowledgeable when it comes to skin, skincare, beauty and wellness. She has been a therapist for a long time now, in which she has totally upgraded her ability to the very next level.

Phone: +389 70 352 421

Spa manicure&pedicure99
Babor Facials99
Professionalism 99
Concentration 99
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